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Educational Opportunities

Fish Harmonics is excited to provide unique workshop, lectures, and educational opportunities. Bandleader Rob Curto has brought his enthusiasm for music (and especially accordions!) to settings around the world, specializing in workshops and residencies that connect students and professionals to knowledge and techniques in piano, accordionBrazilian music, Roots Americana, and Jazz.

Rob has worked with student and professional levels in casual and formal settings, and the Fish Harmonics team always works with partners to create a fun, creative, and enjoyable learning experience.

Rob has provided educational experiences at:
* UC Santa Barbara
* California Brazil Camp
* Via the US State Dept in Mozambique, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Spain, Malta, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Kuwait and Oman
* Carnegie Hall's "Lullaby Project" and "Musical Horizons" in NYC
* National Council for Traditional Arts
* Philadelphia Folk Festival

Additional Fish Harmonics personnel include award-winning music educators and professionals with far-reaching knowledge across instruments and genres, including banjo, bass, drums, jazz, ragtime, experimental and electronic music, and more. Contact Jennifer at to see what we can do!

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Fish Harmonics - Rob Curto
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Fish Harmonics Performing

Fish Harmonics is an unabashedly accordion-centric project of squeezebox master Rob Curto featuring American roots with Celtic, bluegrass, and jazz twists. The band brings a unique free-wheeling and improvisational energy to both classic tunes and original compositions that ignore whatever notion of genre you might have.


Featuring Curto’s mastery of the piano and diatonic accordions, coupled with rhythmic arco bass playing, old-timey strings, and groove-oriented drumming, the band is creating an exciting blend of sounds both familiar and new. 

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