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ONE is an EP of original music by accordion master Rob Curto with his ensemble, Fish Harmonics, featuring adventurous American roots music that takes you on a whirlwind, toe-tapping ride.


Influenced by Celtic, old time, and modern bluegrass sounds, the band brings a unique free-wheeling and improvisational energy to both classic tunes and original compositions. "ONE" features Curto’s mastery of the piano and diatonic accordions, coupled with rhythmic arco playing by Chris Coyle (acoustic bass); old-timey strings by Brennen Ernst (banjo, guitar), Isaac Stanford (dobro), and Mazz Swift (fiddle); and percussion by Saantis Fenmu Davis with groove-oriented drumming by Doug Hirlinger.

"ONE" is a musical journey, born when a turkey collided with the windshield of a road-worn Kia zipping along to a gig with a cargo of musicians and gear. The turkey didn’t survive (RIP turkey), but a spirit of risk-taking, experimentation, and “just going for it” endured.

Off of ONE:

Don't Be The Turkey

“Don’t Be The Turkey,” a toe-tappin’ tune off the Fish Harmonics debut EP, “ONE,” features a catchy melody, driving groove, and some of the best East Coast musicians around, including CHRIS COYLE (acoustic bass); DOUG HIRLINGER (drums); BRENNEN ERNST (banjo); and MAZZ SWIFT (fiddle). The single demonstrates a dance between traditional Americana roots and groovy jazz, featuring deep solos from Curto and Coyle on top of spritely, old-timey strings from Ernst and Swift, held together with the perfect combination of restraint and drive from Hirlinger’s kit. Released December 25, 2018. ONE hits stores January 25, 2019.

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